quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2007

Masochistic Religion - The Vampire

Thou who, like a dagger thrust,
Entered my complaining soul;
Thou who, potent as a host
Of demons, came, wild, beautiful,
To make my heart cast on the ground
Into your bed and your domain;
-Wretch infamous to who I'm bound
like the convict too the chain,
The stubborn gambler to his dice,
The drunkard to his revelry,
The carrion to worms and lice,
-Cursed, cursed may Thou be!
I implored the rapid sword
To secure my liberty,
I asked the poison I abhorred
To succour my timidity,
Alas! the poison and the sword
Only showed contempt for me:
'You deserve not the reward
Of freedom from your slavery,
Fool! - if our resolution
Saved you from its sovereignty,
You would kiss alive again
The Vampire's tenement of clay!


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